Of all the teahouses in all the world, they had to walk into hers. Meet the various staff, customers, and other visitors to Geraldine Grey's Piyo-Piyo Teahouse.


Our heroine, and mighty defender of tea. Geraldine (nickname: Gerry) may appear a little standoffish, but she has a heart of gold, especially when serving her favourite beverage to customers. She really cares about making customers happy with her extensive knowledge of tea and it’s culture, history and etiquette; but grows quickly impatient with customers who show rudeness or no interest. This love of the golden brew does cause her to be quite single minded. Due to this she struggles to focus on other tasks such as studying, which resulted in her doing quite poorly at school, despite her best efforts. She assumed she would have trouble finding work once she left at 18, but then she found Piyo-Piyo, the teahouse without any customers. She’s been working hard to entice customers into the store for two years – and that’s when one Mr. Ewan Yang shows up with his ‘muddy water’ and our story begins.
Poison of choice: Lady Grey tea (And not for the name …)
Accompanying Snack: Victoria spongecake.
First Appears In: Piyo-Piyo Teahouse


Our, uh, hero? I don’t think so. Ewan is the manager and waiter of Dark Moon, a new coffee house and bar that seemingly pops up outta nowhere, right next door to Piyo-Piyo teahouse. Apparently he comes from a family of successful businessmen, or something. I guess we’ll find out more about that as the story continues. He has a fondness for pissing off Geraldine, but why …?
Poison of choice: Irish coffee
Accompanying Snack: Chocolate covered peanuts.
First Appears In: Target Sighted


The eccentric, ridiculously wealthy owner of Piyo-Piyo teahouse and Dark Moon. She inherited a vast fortune at a young age and chose to open the teahouse simply as a place to relax in public. She has considerable skill as a designer; she designed the interior of both PP and DM, as well as her own clothing line – she has an obsession with the Gothic Lolita style. It is believed that her name is a pseudonym.
Age:30 (Pretends otherwise)
Poison of choice: Cream tea (Wh--?)
Accompanying snack: Scones, of course.
First Appears In: Head-Desk


Gerry’s somewhat-hyper aunt, owner of the nearby lingerie store “Pam’s Knickers”. She is constantly trying to force people to model her newest stock, which is almost always over-the-top or tacky in design. Likes to keep an eye on Gerry, and is close to Cream, mainly in gratitude for giving Gerry her first (and only) job; but also because they both love to gossip “ohohoho~”. Like’s to dress like she’s still 30.
Age:54 (In denial.)
Poison of choice: “Wanton Abandon” martini.
Accompanying snack: Chocolate dipped strawberries.
First Appears In: N/A


… who thinks he’s a panda. No, really, see the headband? Whatever creature he is, the fact of the matter is he’s Geraldine’s pet; one of the stranger gifts from her parents (Who are, meanwhile, busy on a worldwide exploration trip.) Shipped first class, Gerry was shocked one morning to open the package this fellow arrived in – but she soon got used to him, especially with his easy to satisfy thirst for eucalyptus-honey tea (which, as she often reminds him, is a staple of the natural koala diet. Well, the leaves, anyway.)
Poison of choice: Eucalyptus honey tea.
First Appears In: Head-Desk


Rarely away from the sight of Cream, this is the mandarin duck that she has taken care of since it hatched when she was a child – which begs the question, just how old IS he? Regardless he is easily irritated and sneaky, with a fondness for women, and an intense dislike for Robert the koala.
Snack of choice: Cake/bread crumbs.
First Appears In: N/A


Her last name is used as her nickname, and she is a pink-haired waitress/maid of some sort. She says ‘oops!’ a lot. ,br />Age: 18
Poison of choice: Oolong tea
Accompanying snack: Butterfly cupcakes
First Appears In: N/A


Like Puerh, people refer to him by his surname. A strapping young man with a gift for flair bartending – but those scars betray a more interesting story. He seems to really despise tea as well …
Age: 18
Poison of choice: Blue Blazer or Vesper martini
First Appears In: N/A


Gerry’s older brother, who lives with her in their parents home while they’re busy travelling. A laid back good for nothing who somehow got a job working at the nearby bakery, which, as it just so happens, makes deliveries of freshly baked goods to Piyo-Piyo every morning.
Age: 21
Poison of choice: Cola/Fizzy drinks
Accompanying snack: Sugary sweets like sherbets, shoelaces and liquorice
First Appears In: N/A


Flame haired friend of Brian’s, who also works at the bakery (and probably got Brian his job there.) Has a bit of a complex about his ‘girlish cooking habits’ clashing with his ‘buff’ exterior (a lingering worry from his school days, no doubt.) Brian relies on him for … pretty much everything, but that’s alright by Freddie. God only knows why.
Age: 22
Poison of choice: Mineral water
Accompanying snack: Irish soda bread or croissant
First Appears In: N/A


A writer who spends his afternoons sitting in big jumpers and frustratingly trying to churn out ideas while having a coffee at Dark Moon. At some point, he decides tea might help the creative juices flow a little better – and it’s definitely nothing to do with who works at Piyo Piyo. Nope, not at all.
Age: 28
Poison of choice: Italian wine.
Accompanying snack: Crackers.
First Appears In: N/A


A quick-tempered book lover who owns the bookshop “Little Nook Books”, which has held events for some of Lee’s books in the past, as she is quite a big fan. BIG, big fan.
Age: 26
Poison of choice: Gin and tonic
Accompanying snack: Eclaires.
First Appears In: N/A


No idea who this guy is. Just a big hulk of a man who appears to blush in the presence of Pam. An enigma.
First Appears In: N/A


Who the hell goes around calling themselves something ridiculous like ‘The Earl’ in public?! THIS GUY, that’s who. All we know at the moment is that he dresses in oriental clothing and drinks green tea (mixed by his own bamboo whisk) like a normal human being does water – i.e. a lot. He smiles as if he knows something we don’t … and he most likely does!
Age: 81
Poison of choice: The finest green tea
First Appears In: N/A.


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